Food Safety Auditing

Santia offers a range of food safety and hygiene auditing services. These are tailored to the size and type of your premises. Each inspection is performed to ensure compliance with current relevant legislation, codes of practice relating to food safety and hygiene or recognised standard your business is working towards.
Santia’s highly qualified consultants are skilled in performing independent food safety audits. These measure and monitor the safety performance of your business on a regular basis.
The key benefits of adopting independent food safety and hygiene audits are:

  • Reduced risk of food contamination and food poisoning
  • Improved working environment and reduced risk of liabilities
  • Reduced risk of legal action for non-compliance
  • Increased brand protection
  • Enhanced employee involvement and understanding of food safety and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Increased employee awareness of food safety issues and responsibilities

Santia can offer a tailored audit protocol to meet your site’s needs and the following services:

  • Consultative Supplier audits

Santia undertakes supply chain audits against food sector specific retailer codes of practice and Guidelines.

  • Raw Material and Co-packer Audits

Santia offers raw material and co-packer audits (including ingredient and packaging) which are completed on behalf of manufacturers. Santia currently completes and has experience in supplier audits across all food sectors.  Santia adopts a range of audit protocols, including retailer and manufacturer codes of practice, or globally recognised audit standards.

  • Allergen Management Audits

Allergen Management Audits involve an evaluation of the potential for cross-contamination at every step of the food production process, from raw materials sourcing to delivery of final product to the consumer.

  • Internal Audits

Santia carries out internal audits of quality management systems, procedures and HACCP system audits as required under the BRC Standard. This is a confidential and independent service carried out by an experienced BRC Global Standard Food Safety consultant. This conforms to the 'independence' required under the BRC standard requirements. Santia provides practical solutions to all non-conformances raised.
Santia is an approved training provider for the BRC and offer the following accredited internal audit related courses;

  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, (HACCP) Audits

Independent HACCP audits are carried out to verify and review HACCP systems and HACCP documentation. Santia consultants will review your HACCP plan at every stage of the production process ensuring the HACCP plan is appropriate, implemented and maintained.

  • Pre-BRC Assessment

This non accredited, pre-BRC assessment will check that you have fully implemented your systems and have the necessary evidence to support the effectiveness of your system. This service can be treated as a ‘mock audit’ allowing your site to rectify non-conformances before your accredited audit.
Santia’s experienced consultants will prepare a full report which can also be used as one of your independent audits of your food safety management system. Pre-BRC assessments are typically 2 full days in duration and will include an audit report and recommendations.
Pre-BRC assessments are ideal for sites considering registration to the global scheme or for accredited sites looking for an independent audit before their accredited audit.  Santia’s experienced consultants have expertise in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution.

  • Hygiene Audits

Hygiene and housekeeping audits are carried out by Santia consultants to assist clients assess, maintain and continually improve factory hygiene and equipment cleaning. Hygiene and housekeeping audits are typically 1 full day in duration. During the hygiene audit, Santia consultants will discuss in full any issues identified and provide practical solutions for their corrective action.

  • Compliance Audits

Santia can deliver food safety compliance audits which will demonstrate compliance to internal, external, third party standards (including BRC) and legislation.  The Compliance Audit is ideal for manufacturers who want to ensure their business is food safe and that the procedures (both internal and external) are being followed and that they are complying with the latest food safety legislation.

  • Bespoke Audits

Santia can work with your site to develop a site specific audit protocol, with considerable experience in developing and monitoring conformance to bespoke technical requirements.

Retail Store Compliance Auditing
Santia provides confidence that retail stores, their management and staff, are protecting customer food safety and their own “brand integrity” by applying local government regulations. These audits measure and monitor the food safety performance of your business on a risk assessed basis.

The audit includes a full hygiene assessment of the store environment, reviews statutory documentation and pest control records. Santia will audit your store for its compliance against the following areas:

  • Sales floor inspection
  • Backstage areas
  • Cold chain temperature control
  • Pest control
  • Food safety due diligence documentation
  • Fire safety
  • Health and safety
  • Legal compliance


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